Studio Ghibli day at Mister Nice Guy’s Bakehouse, Ascot Vale

This month has been really fun! Various cinemas around melbourne have been doing a Celebrate Ghibli festival and showing lots of animated movies from the awesome Studio Ghibli. And my friend told me this bakery called Mister Nice Guys Bakehouse was doing a day where they would be doing a Studio Ghibli theme! I was seeing Book of Mormon with my friend that afternoon, but i knew i had to try and squeeze a visit in the morning to this bakery!

So on a sunday morning i trekked over to the other side of town by train. It was raining a little and i had to take out my umbrella. That was PERFECT!! Because in my favourite Ghibli cartoon, My Neighbour Totoro, theres a scene where they wait in the rain at a bus stop, and they use umbrellas 😀

So my plan was to rock up, grab a totoro donut, then head back to the city to meet my friend before the musical. Quick right? I was wrong hahah.

This is what i saw when i arrived:

Ahhhhhh! I thought it was only me who would get up early to go for ghibli food hehe! I was wrong and happy i was wrong 🙂 ghibli fanssssss! ❤️Yeah 😀

When i finally got to the front of the line, i started to get so excited looking around at what they’d done for the theme!

Look at that!! Chalk drawing of a dragon and those dust bunny things! I loved it! I mean in my head i was thinking it would just be totoro donuts. But no… they went all out and i love it!

They had ghibli music playing. The staff were so friendly. I was just buzzing with happiness! 🙂

And then i ordered! I decided to get a totoro donut and a totoro milkshake and a donut to take home for my sis. Totoro is my fav so its all about that big cuddly guy! 🙂

Yup i was very happy i came down, it was a fun and delicious food adventure! 🙂 i wish id known about thei Game of Thrones themed day a few weeks ago! I think they called it ‘Game of Scones’! Hhaha!! 😀

Mister Nice Guys Bakehouse is at 151 union rd in ascot vale. A short pleasant walk from ascot vale train station 🙂