Breakfast at The Grain Store, city

Hmmm! Sometimes when something bad happens, it can turn out to be really good in hindsight! πŸ™‚ Tilly and i planned to go to Sweet Evelyn in Brunswick for this mango panna cotta, but she starts work at 8am, so we decided to be crazy and get to Sweet Evelyn at like 6:30am hahah! Anything for an adventure right? So i woke up at 3:15am, got to Springvale station nice and early and waited for the first train. The 4:46am train! I was so proud of myself getting there, with time to spare! Sleepy as i was, i happily waited. And waited.

Then i heard the announcement that there was signal failures and the train wouldnt arrive until 5:15! This was a spanner in the works of our morning, as we had timed this breakfast trip to Sweet Evelyn down to the last minute hahah!

I thought to myself, i am bummed i might miss out on this panna cotta today… but i did do all i could…. so i guess thats ok…

So i met Tilly at 6am in the city and it was still dark! In my sleepy-ish state, i was kind of enjoying it.. it still was an adventure! She suggested we go somewhere in the city, since we wouldnt have time to go to brunswick and back before her shift. And immediately my brain thought of The Grain Store! (Well done sleepy brain! You did good! :D). My friend Stefanie had told me the Grain Store was a good place for breakfast a few years ago actually, but i never got around to it. But today was the perfect chance to try it!

We walked there and went in as soon as it opened at 7am.

I immediately liked it! Some places just have a nice vibe! πŸ™‚

Our waittress was lovely! Initially i was going to order the white chocolate pancakes, but she said we have a special today, which was French Toast with Nutella (and other things too, but as soon as she said β€œnutella” my brain decided and i stopped listening to the rest hahaha). Tilly ordered the pancakes, so i got to try some of it too! Win-win! πŸ˜€

They were yummmm!

And here is my french toast:

It was so yum! I was so impressed with it! It had so many different flavours and textures and as Tilly said, they all complimented each other (shes been watching a lot of Project Runway hahaha).

I enjoyed that!

Im glad i finally got to try breakfast at the Grain Store! Its at 514 Flinders Lane in the city πŸ™‚

Murrays, milk bar themed place in Prahran!

Ok that was great! My friend Kodi recommended i try this place called Murrays in prahran. I almost never go to prahran but i came here to check out the twin peaks art exhibition at Artboy gallery, and decided since i was here i should check out this recommendation. And im so glad i did! 

Firstly, it looks so cool! So old school milk bar! πŸ˜€

I instantly loved the theme πŸ˜€

Then i had a mocha

Mmmmmm! Good stuff! And u know i love places that have unique/nice spoons! πŸ™‚

And then i ordered some food! I did feel like one of their amazing looking pies, but i wanted to try something more different, so i went with one of their amazing sounding bagels. On the waitresses recommendation, i went with the Murray! I always love ordering the item that shares the same name as the place!

And i was not disappointed! It was scrumdiddily-umptious! πŸ˜€ and then i had to ask! Was i able to order some mixed lollies that were on display on the shelf or were they there just for decoration?

The lovely waittress said yes u can order them!! Wahoo! I ordered some mixed lollies and was transported back to childhood, when i used to order 20 cents mixed lollies and be given a bag of amazing πŸ˜€

They were delicious!! I really enjoyed eating them.

Then i ordered a smarties milkshake!

A joy to look at, and a joy to drink!! πŸ™‚

Ahhhh… i love this place πŸ™‚ if u ever are near prahran and feel like being transported to an awesome milk bar or canteen of your youth, this is worth a stop ;D

Its at 3B Murray St Prahran