Chocolate Chess Tart, Beatrix in North Melbourne

My friends Fiona and Tilly often tag me in facebook posts from this place called Beatrix, and they always have the most creative, delicious looking stuff! Today Tilly and I were passing through North Melbourne and we decided to stop by to check it out. And im glad we did! It was a great place!

Its a cosy little store, with a variety of delicious cakes on display. On their instagram page for today, they showed a picture of something called a chocolate chess pie, and they used the hashtag #piethinkiloveyou ! 🙂 i love puns so i loved that! So when i was choosing what to get, i decided to try this chocolate chess pie!

But first i wanna show u a pic of the tables outside:

They had bottles of sunscreen for their patrons on each of the tables! I loved that. I had never seen this done before. Dont you love a place that cares about its patrons? 🙂

Ok so this is what i had:

It was great! I loved that it wasnt too sweet, it was just right! And the pastry part of it was firm enough that i could pick it up and eat it that way if i wanted! (And i did take a few glorious bites this way!) The pie was just the right amount of moistness! Yes it was fab! And i got to try Tilly’s crumble that she ordered and that was delicious too!

So if u are around north mellbourne and are looking for somewhere to go for coffee and cake, i think Beatrix is a great place 🙂 its at 688 Queensberrt St North Melbourne 🙂

Smith and Deli, vegan place in Fitzroy. One of my FAV places to get food! Amazing

Ok, i already did a post about Smith and Deli, but i really do need to make another one. It is definitely one of my favourite places to eat in Melbourne now, and i am not even a vegan! The food is so delicious. Its obviously made by people who care about quality and taste (and animals!). Every thing ive bought from here has been exceptionally good! Ive had rolls, donuts, sandwiches, coffee!

I came today specifically because Jacqui told me the pastry wizards here were making little cherry pies this week! And since i am in Twin Peaks mode, i just had to come try one.

And Jacqui decorated my bag!! Ahhhh… i love ittttt 😀

And John, one of my vegan friends told me he always gets a pie here, so i had to try one. And wow

It was chicken and something else (i wasnt paying 100% to what the pie ingredients were when i was told, because my brain was mostly focussed on the cherry pie and chatting to Jacqui about Twin Peaks! :)). But wow! It was one of the best pies ive had! Such flavour! 🙂

So everything i try here is so good! Ive been messaging all my vegan and vegetarian friends to tell them about this place, but it seems they already know of it, and say its like their favourite place haha!

So if u are a vegan or vegetarian who doesnt know about this place, or if u are just a person who loves yummy food… come check out this place! Its at 111 Moor st Fitzroy. Its not a sit down and eat place, its very much like a deli, where you buy your stuff and go eat somewhere else. Luckily there is a lovely little park very close by 🙂