Vanilla Slice at Haytch Cafe in Thornbury

At the front of this cafe in thornbury, there was this sign that said

The famous vanilla slice! Whenever i see a sign like that, i get curious! Its pretty bold to put a statement like that out there! I was on a Day of the Donut, with Tilly today, where we go to different places to try out donuts, but i felt like since i was here, i should try out the vanilla slice.

So firstly i got a mocha

It came complete with a H coffee art on it! (The owners names start with H, and their nickname is Haytch!).

It was a good mocha! πŸ™‚

Then the rest came out

After devouring the delicious donut, i picked up the vanilla slice with my fingers, ready to get into it! It tastes better to me that way haha!

And one bite, and i knew they were correct with the sign out the front. It was a good vanilla slice!! I had a good time eating that! πŸ™‚

And some other things i liked about Haytch. The service was so friendly!

And also, this wall art!

Its by mimbyjonesrobinsonart, and i think its beautiful! πŸ™‚

Haytch is at 690 high st in thornbury

Chocolate Chess Tart, Beatrix in North Melbourne

My friends Fiona and Tilly often tag me in facebook posts from this place called Beatrix, and they always have the most creative, delicious looking stuff! Today Tilly and I were passing through North Melbourne and we decided to stop by to check it out. And im glad we did! It was a great place!

Its a cosy little store, with a variety of delicious cakes on display. On their instagram page for today, they showed a picture of something called a chocolate chess pie, and they used the hashtag #piethinkiloveyou ! πŸ™‚ i love puns so i loved that! So when i was choosing what to get, i decided to try this chocolate chess pie!

But first i wanna show u a pic of the tables outside:

They had bottles of sunscreen for their patrons on each of the tables! I loved that. I had never seen this done before. Dont you love a place that cares about its patrons? πŸ™‚

Ok so this is what i had:

It was great! I loved that it wasnt too sweet, it was just right! And the pastry part of it was firm enough that i could pick it up and eat it that way if i wanted! (And i did take a few glorious bites this way!) The pie was just the right amount of moistness! Yes it was fab! And i got to try Tilly’s crumble that she ordered and that was delicious too!

So if u are around north mellbourne and are looking for somewhere to go for coffee and cake, i think Beatrix is a great place πŸ™‚ its at 688 Queensberrt St North Melbourne πŸ™‚

Breakfast at The Grain Store, city

Hmmm! Sometimes when something bad happens, it can turn out to be really good in hindsight! πŸ™‚ Tilly and i planned to go to Sweet Evelyn in Brunswick for this mango panna cotta, but she starts work at 8am, so we decided to be crazy and get to Sweet Evelyn at like 6:30am hahah! Anything for an adventure right? So i woke up at 3:15am, got to Springvale station nice and early and waited for the first train. The 4:46am train! I was so proud of myself getting there, with time to spare! Sleepy as i was, i happily waited. And waited.

Then i heard the announcement that there was signal failures and the train wouldnt arrive until 5:15! This was a spanner in the works of our morning, as we had timed this breakfast trip to Sweet Evelyn down to the last minute hahah!

I thought to myself, i am bummed i might miss out on this panna cotta today… but i did do all i could…. so i guess thats ok…

So i met Tilly at 6am in the city and it was still dark! In my sleepy-ish state, i was kind of enjoying it.. it still was an adventure! She suggested we go somewhere in the city, since we wouldnt have time to go to brunswick and back before her shift. And immediately my brain thought of The Grain Store! (Well done sleepy brain! You did good! :D). My friend Stefanie had told me the Grain Store was a good place for breakfast a few years ago actually, but i never got around to it. But today was the perfect chance to try it!

We walked there and went in as soon as it opened at 7am.

I immediately liked it! Some places just have a nice vibe! πŸ™‚

Our waittress was lovely! Initially i was going to order the white chocolate pancakes, but she said we have a special today, which was French Toast with Nutella (and other things too, but as soon as she said β€œnutella” my brain decided and i stopped listening to the rest hahaha). Tilly ordered the pancakes, so i got to try some of it too! Win-win! πŸ˜€

They were yummmm!

And here is my french toast:

It was so yum! I was so impressed with it! It had so many different flavours and textures and as Tilly said, they all complimented each other (shes been watching a lot of Project Runway hahaha).

I enjoyed that!

Im glad i finally got to try breakfast at the Grain Store! Its at 514 Flinders Lane in the city πŸ™‚

Musashi Ramen, cbd

I really wanted to like this place! It is named Musashi, which is the name of one of my favourite novels, about a real life japanese swordsman named Miyamoto Musashi. When i walked in, and saw this cool wall art:

I was like…. please let the ramen here be good! I want to like this place! πŸ˜€

And then the cups of water came out and i saw this:

Little fishes!! So it looks like a fishtank hahah! I love it.

And my friend’s cup had pandas on it!


And they were playing cool jpop music! I felt like i was watching an anime, aw yeah! And also some kpop too i think, i felt like i heard some songs by Big Bang! πŸ™‚

Well i ordered the ramen. I got the Hakata Tonkotsu. And also i saw this drink on the menu, called a Green Tea Monster. And it actually looked like a monster. I had to order it hahah!

I had to right??? I enjoyed that!!

And the ramen was this:

Mmmmmmm…. good stuff! Ramen that hits the spot! πŸ™‚

I was very happy, cos like i said, i really wanted to like a place called Musashi that has a cool picture of a swordsman on the wall! And i did!!

I think this place is open 24 hours a day too.

Musashi Ramen is at 181 russell st in the city πŸ™‚

8-Bit Burgers

I love 8-Bit games and grew up playing commodore 64 and in the era of nes, snes and sega, arcade machines etc! So the theme of this place really appeals to me. I got a kick out of the names of the burgers etc, like Zelda, Golden Axe etc!

Oh and they have an arcade game machine in here!

But lets get to the food!

Oh wait, as soon as i sat down at the bench, i was happy cos i saw this:

Gauntlet was a game i really loved as a kid! So just seeing the picture and the name of the game made me happy!

It was near dinner time and so it was super busy. But eventually my food came and….

It was worth the wait! I got the 8-Bit with cheese and a side of chips.  The burger was yum and really hit the spot! And the chips were great too! And all at a reasonable a pretty reasonble price! I understand now why this place is so super busy and popular!

The 8-Bit i went to was at 231 swanston st in the city. But there is another one in Footscray too! (8 Droops st, footscray).

Smith and Deli, vegan place in Fitzroy. One of my FAV places to get food! Amazing

Ok, i already did a post about Smith and Deli, but i really do need to make another one. It is definitely one of my favourite places to eat in Melbourne now, and i am not even a vegan! The food is so delicious. Its obviously made by people who care about quality and taste (and animals!). Every thing ive bought from here has been exceptionally good! Ive had rolls, donuts, sandwiches, coffee!

I came today specifically because Jacqui told me the pastry wizards here were making little cherry pies this week! And since i am in Twin Peaks mode, i just had to come try one.

And Jacqui decorated my bag!! Ahhhh… i love ittttt πŸ˜€

And John, one of my vegan friends told me he always gets a pie here, so i had to try one. And wow

It was chicken and something else (i wasnt paying 100% to what the pie ingredients were when i was told, because my brain was mostly focussed on the cherry pie and chatting to Jacqui about Twin Peaks! :)). But wow! It was one of the best pies ive had! Such flavour! πŸ™‚

So everything i try here is so good! Ive been messaging all my vegan and vegetarian friends to tell them about this place, but it seems they already know of it, and say its like their favourite place haha!

So if u are a vegan or vegetarian who doesnt know about this place, or if u are just a person who loves yummy food… come check out this place! Its at 111 Moor st Fitzroy. Its not a sit down and eat place, its very much like a deli, where you buy your stuff and go eat somewhere else. Luckily there is a lovely little park very close by πŸ™‚

Millstone, cafe in Malvern

I was catching up with my friend Ashleigh and our plan was to go to a cute cafe, and the first one that came to my mind was Millstone in Malvern! Id been there a while ago with my friends and it had been delicious and i remembered it was just a really charming place. And my memory served correctly, because it certainly was!

Its nice when u go to brunch and the place just gives you a nice vibe.

The staff were all so attentive and lovely!

We got a nice seat by the window, and with the sun shining through the window, it really warmed us up! I could easily imagine i had just stepped into a cafe in Paris, rather than being in Melbourne close to winter! πŸ™‚

Ashleigh even noticed they had a neat rack of blankets, which we assumed were for people sitting on the tables outside who needed them!  I love it πŸ™‚ its the place that thinks even of the little things πŸ‘Œ

Firstly, i started off with a black sesame latte, because id never tried one!

I love black sesame flavour in general and enjoyed this unique latte!

Then came to ordering. I went with the simply named Breakfast Roll

Although it was simple only in name. The taste was exquisite! Yum yum πŸ˜€

Our meals were delicious. And then we went to eye the cakes!  It was so hard to choose! Everything looked so good

In the end, we chose the Mille Fueille! And some honeycomb, cos id never had it like that before!

The mille fueille was so nice! Crispy pasty, perfection! And the stuff in the middle was perfect!! Just the right amount of subtle sweetness! Delicious!!

It was a really great place to eat and the food hit the brunch spot perfectly πŸ™‚ highly recommended if youre looking for a nice cafe to go to!

Its at 10a claremont ave malvern, a hop skip and a jump away from malvern train station πŸ™‚
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Thai Viet Cafe (japanese and korean lunch place)

You know what i love? Places that serve great food at affordable prices! Levina told me about this place called Thai Viet. She said its funny because its called Thai Viet, but it seems to serve mostly japanese and korean dishes! Hahah! I find that really amusing! But at the same time it doesnt matter cos the bottom line is i love this place! Delicious food! Great servings!

I mean i ordered this salmon handroll with mayonnaise.

And it was bigger than average! And it had a lot of salmon in it! And a generous chunk of wasabi! It loved eating this!

And then onto the curry chicken!

I think Levina told me it was her brother or her fathers favourite dish here. But she also said everything shes tried here is good! πŸ™‚

And yes… it was delicious!! I loved eating it! It made me happy, soul food style! And it cost $6! Isnt that great??

This place is bustling at lunchtime and i can understand why!

If you want a quick, yummy, affordable lunch when you are in the city, i recommend Thai Viet! Its at 4/113 Swanston St, tucked away in the back of Capitol Arcade. Ive walked past this place many times but i never would have known about this place until Levina told me!

And now you too, have this knowledge! ;P

#thaiviet #melbourne #lunch #japanese #korean #food #cheap #delicious

#currychicken #chickencurry #handroll #sushi

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Captains of Industry

Emily told me about this place! I love places that are sorta hidden. I think if you didnt know about this place, you might even walk past it without knowing it was there.

I love the unique and cosy vibe of the place. I love that there are sewing machines on some of the tables! The staff were so friendly and attentive πŸ™‚ the coffee was great! I even love the unique spoon that came with my coffee! I stared at it for ages. Roma! (Ive been there by the way eheheheh)

And then i ordered the three cheese sandwich that Emily recommended to me. Oh… yes! That was delicious!! Love at first bite hahaha

I love attention to detail and care. Look at this salt on the sandwich!

So good πŸ™‚

I like this place! Great place to come for a coffee or brunch! πŸ™‚ its at 2 Somerset place in the city (a few blocks from melbourne central) πŸ™‚

#captainsofindustry #melbourne #coffee #brunchΒ 

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