Donnini’s, delicious pasta on Lygon St Carlton

My friend Duyen told me about this place a long time ago, she told me the pasta was amazing. And today I finally got to try it! I went to dinner there with Ashleigh and Cassandra before seeing Midsummer Nights Dream at the Botanical Gardens (we like Shakespeare and it was great!)

I really was keen to try the gnocchi as id read a review which said really good things about it. And then Ash saw this option on the menu that has three different pasta types to share (and it included the gnocchi), and there was three of us… so it was perfect!

And it really was 😀

Look at that! Its glorious!

And then after one of our awesome waittresses put on parmesan cheese…

Yes yes yes! It was love at first bite with me for the gnocchi! So soft and delicious and flavoursome sauce. And i really liked those green parcel thingys too, i think they were filled with some type of cheese!

It was delicious!

The place itself is really nice, and the staff were so friendly and awesome!

I really loved this place! One of my fav places now 🙂 its at 320 Lygon St in Carlton!

As a side note, i bought this Cup/Mug thing for Ash that had Jimin from BTS (its a kpop band we both love) face on it. And she accidentally left it on the ground when she picked up her bag, and one of the guys working there spotted it and told us about it as we were leaving! So attentive right? He saved the day 😀

Tiamo, italian restaurant in Carlton

Tonight we were going to Cinema Nova in Carlton to watch a Studio Ghibli movie (Whispers of the Heart), because this month, cinemas were celebrating the awesome animated movies of Studio Ghibli! I really wanted to go to Cinema Nova, because my friend Tilly told me that they were doing Totoro themed Choctops!

I had to go get one! 😀


And since we were going to cinema nova, we decided to go to dinner first. Levina and Ben suggested we go to Tiamo, one of their favourite places. I was looking forward to it!

Its just across the road from cinema nova. So convenient!

When the lovely waittress came to serve us, i was so impressed that she didnt even need to write down our orders (and there was seven of us!). I told her she had such a good memory snd she said its a good exercise!

I chose to eat a lasagna, because i love garfield and he loves lasagna, so i love lasagna haha! If only i could eat it the way he does, and just shovel it into my mouth 😀

Looks good right??? And it tasted good too! And at a reasonable price!! Ahhh… i know why levina and ben keep coming back here 🙂

I got to try levina’s mushroom pizza and it was delicious too!

So if youre looking for a yum place for good italian food near the city, i can recommend Tiamo!

Its at 303 lygon st, carlton