Chocolate Chess Tart, Beatrix in North Melbourne

My friends Fiona and Tilly often tag me in facebook posts from this place called Beatrix, and they always have the most creative, delicious looking stuff! Today Tilly and I were passing through North Melbourne and we decided to stop by to check it out. And im glad we did! It was a great place!

Its a cosy little store, with a variety of delicious cakes on display. On their instagram page for today, they showed a picture of something called a chocolate chess pie, and they used the hashtag #piethinkiloveyou ! πŸ™‚ i love puns so i loved that! So when i was choosing what to get, i decided to try this chocolate chess pie!

But first i wanna show u a pic of the tables outside:

They had bottles of sunscreen for their patrons on each of the tables! I loved that. I had never seen this done before. Dont you love a place that cares about its patrons? πŸ™‚

Ok so this is what i had:

It was great! I loved that it wasnt too sweet, it was just right! And the pastry part of it was firm enough that i could pick it up and eat it that way if i wanted! (And i did take a few glorious bites this way!) The pie was just the right amount of moistness! Yes it was fab! And i got to try Tilly’s crumble that she ordered and that was delicious too!

So if u are around north mellbourne and are looking for somewhere to go for coffee and cake, i think Beatrix is a great place πŸ™‚ its at 688 Queensberrt St North Melbourne πŸ™‚

Churros in Chocolate, from A Touchof Spain food truck, outside NGV

I was waiting for my friend in front of the National Gallery of Victoria on this sunny sunday, and i noticed this sign nearby.

β€œThe best churros with chocolate in the World!”

Now that is a bold claim and it really piqued my interest! I always think, you have to be pretty confident in your wares to say that πŸ™‚ i knew I really wanted to try. Once id met my friend and we’d grabbed some food from the nearby market stalls, we were crossing the road to go to the park when my friend said β€œare you gonna try those churros?”.

We were in the MIDDLE of crossing the road when i decided, you know what? I am going to try these. today!! I need to know. Are they the best in the world? πŸ˜€

So we went over and sat down near the food truck. I went up to order some churros and chocolate. And the man said β€œdo you mind waiting for 5 minutes? We have to cook it. Its good when you eat it hot.” I was like thats fine! Ill just eat this market food i have first (delicious Alepas!)

So i was sitting and eating my Alepas and after a while my friend said β€œThese churros are taking a while”

And i joked, maybe hes timing it to that when i finish eating, he can serve it to me straight away.

β€œWell hes just got a few seconds, because youre about to finish” she said.

And i finished eating my alepas. Put it down. Then 10 seconds later, the churros man waved me over to the truck to get my churros!!

Like he waited until i finished eating before serving me my churros!

This is a guy who cares about his customers and their eating experiences.

And here they are. I had a good feeling as soon as i saw them. The i ate them.


Those churros were so good! Just perfect.

My friend agreed!

We thoroughly enjoyed eating them πŸ™‚ and they do get my vote too hhaha!! I can vouch for this sign πŸ˜€

The truck is outside the NGV, probably every weekend when the market is on! They also have a facebook page πŸ™‚

Good churros! πŸ™‚

Met Morgan from Bistro Morgan (donuts!!❀️) at Day of the Donut event

I was in the state library doing some drawing and listening to some funky tunes on my phone. I had heard there was a Day of the Donut event in melbourne central today, starting at 5pm till 7pm or until the donuts run out. My plan was finish drawing around 4:45pm. Roll up to melbourne central, browse a few of these donut stalls and maybe buy one (or two). Oh and message Levina to say lets go get donuts πŸ˜€

As i was walking to the area where it was, suddenly, very far from where the donuts were, i was stopped by this scene.

Wowsers! Thats a long line! I knew this already, but this just reaffirmed it for me. Melbourne loves donuts! πŸ˜€ heeh and i love how much melbourne loves donuts and food πŸ™‚

Levina and her friend Sally came and I had a really great time chatting and getting excited about what we would see when we got to the front!

And i wasnt disappointed!

Look what we saw at the start!!

That is one massive donut!! Worthy of Homer! πŸ˜€

U can buy one too heheeh….. i immediately thought of my friend Tilly who loves donuts and thought it would be a funny birthday present πŸ˜€

Ok lets just say the donuts we saw and ate were delicious! But one highlight i want to focus on…

We were at this stall with some creative and yum looking donuts.

And then i saw this young guy standing there serving them. And i was like…… no waaayy…. could it be??

I looked at the boxes and they said Bistro Morgan! It couldnt be? Could it? I got really excited! I asked him, “Are you Morgan?”

And he said yes!


I was over the moon and i said i need go get a photo with you!! Levina took the picture for me!

I was so happy! Ive loved his story ever since i heard about it. He taught himself to cook at age 7. (When he saw people on masterchef cooking, he said “if they can do it, i can do it”). He started making dinner for his family every night. And then making donuts in his kitchen at home. Soon they became more and more popular and before long he was supplying cafes and bakeries around melbourne! At age 14 he was baking for 40 hours a week, and up to 3am each night making 300+ donuts. On top of doing school and athletics!

And his donuts are so fun, creative and delicious, a joy to eat! You can get them at some nice bakeries and cafes around town and also at places like the burger chain Royal Stacks. I had a great day today cos i got to tell him how much of a fan i was of him and his donuts! πŸ™‚ hes really nice! πŸ™‚

Daniel’s Donuts

One of my fav places to get donuts πŸ™‚ jist plain awesome tasting donuts at a great price! Theres a formula for success right there! Its open 24 hours a day! It has cool music playing so it has a fun vibe. No matter what time i come here, i always see people buying donuts!

Today i decided to go with my friend Hanh’s favourite, a plain jam donut.

A classic done well! Its $3! I like good prices πŸ˜€

I bite into it..

Delicious jam!! And a generous amount!! I love places that are generous with their servings πŸ™‚

There are so many other types of donuts to try here tok! And the caramel slice i had before was yum!

If youre ever near Springvale (or Hoppers Crossing! My friend Saralisa told me the original Daniels is in hoppers crossing), and want a good donut, check out Daniels! Its at 6-7/819 princes highway, springvale πŸ™‚

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