Churros in Chocolate, from A Touchof Spain food truck, outside NGV

I was waiting for my friend in front of the National Gallery of Victoria on this sunny sunday, and i noticed this sign nearby.

“The best churros with chocolate in the World!”

Now that is a bold claim and it really piqued my interest! I always think, you have to be pretty confident in your wares to say that 🙂 i knew I really wanted to try. Once id met my friend and we’d grabbed some food from the nearby market stalls, we were crossing the road to go to the park when my friend said “are you gonna try those churros?”.

We were in the MIDDLE of crossing the road when i decided, you know what? I am going to try these. today!! I need to know. Are they the best in the world? 😀

So we went over and sat down near the food truck. I went up to order some churros and chocolate. And the man said “do you mind waiting for 5 minutes? We have to cook it. Its good when you eat it hot.” I was like thats fine! Ill just eat this market food i have first (delicious Alepas!)

So i was sitting and eating my Alepas and after a while my friend said “These churros are taking a while”

And i joked, maybe hes timing it to that when i finish eating, he can serve it to me straight away.

“Well hes just got a few seconds, because youre about to finish” she said.

And i finished eating my alepas. Put it down. Then 10 seconds later, the churros man waved me over to the truck to get my churros!!

Like he waited until i finished eating before serving me my churros!

This is a guy who cares about his customers and their eating experiences.

And here they are. I had a good feeling as soon as i saw them. The i ate them.


Those churros were so good! Just perfect.

My friend agreed!

We thoroughly enjoyed eating them 🙂 and they do get my vote too hhaha!! I can vouch for this sign 😀

The truck is outside the NGV, probably every weekend when the market is on! They also have a facebook page 🙂

Good churros! 🙂