JD’s Burgers, Dragonball themed Burger place in Surrey Hills

Lisa Lai told me about this place a while ago, and i was catching up with my friend Nick who is a massive dragonball fan, and i thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

Firstly, it is literally a step outside Mont Albert train station haha!

So convenient!

As i waited for Nick, someone waved at me and came up to me. It was Dom!!! What a pleasant surprise! And he was with Linda!! Apparently theyd seen me sitting on the bench and thought is that Thuan? Haha!! At an anime burger joint, the chances are high hehe!

Then Nick arrived and we went inside! I dont know that much about dragonball. Ive only seen the last two movies. But i still geeked out hard at the dragonball theme!!

And then we went to order. I love that the burgers are named after dragonball characters! I ended up choosing the Goku Fusion.

It was delicious!! A really good burger 🙂

Nick chatted to me about dragonball and explained a lot about what was going in with the new anime. It was the perfect venue! 🙂 and the service was lovely too!

Definitely check this place out if you are in the area and feel like a good burger. And even more so if u are a dragonball fan 😀

Its at 17 hamilton st in mont albert

8-Bit Burgers

I love 8-Bit games and grew up playing commodore 64 and in the era of nes, snes and sega, arcade machines etc! So the theme of this place really appeals to me. I got a kick out of the names of the burgers etc, like Zelda, Golden Axe etc!

Oh and they have an arcade game machine in here!

But lets get to the food!

Oh wait, as soon as i sat down at the bench, i was happy cos i saw this:

Gauntlet was a game i really loved as a kid! So just seeing the picture and the name of the game made me happy!

It was near dinner time and so it was super busy. But eventually my food came and….

It was worth the wait! I got the 8-Bit with cheese and a side of chips.  The burger was yum and really hit the spot! And the chips were great too! And all at a reasonable a pretty reasonble price! I understand now why this place is so super busy and popular!

The 8-Bit i went to was at 231 swanston st in the city. But there is another one in Footscray too! (8 Droops st, footscray).