Pho Dakao Hoang, Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale

My friend Fiona has a favourite Vietnamese reataurant she likes to go to in Springvale. Today, I was going to dinner with some workmates and they asked me where should we go eat in Springvale. I love trying new places and so i took this opportunity to check out Fiona’s fav springvale restaurant! And boy am i glad i did!

When we went inside, it was nice and busy! Not bad for early on a thursday night! Its always a reassuring feeling going into a place that is bustling!

We all ordered dishes to share and we ended up getting rice paper rolls, lemon chicken, fried calamari and sweet and sour chicken.

And i got my beloved 3 colour drink of course! Mmmmmm

The rice paper rolls were good!

I have eaten so much vietnamese food in my life, i feel pretty good judging it haha.. and this spring roll was solid! I dont like places that skimp on things. And this place did not skimp! Just a great rice paper roll! 🙂

Everything was yummy. One real standout for me, was the fried calamari

It was so tender and yummy! I was really impressed!

We finished off with a banana fritter.


Great meal! And really good prices! (I love springvale heheh). And the service was nice too!

One of my fav places to eat vietnamese food in springvale now!

Pho Dakao Hoang is at 17 balmoral avenue in springvale 🙂

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