Blue Ocean Milkshake and Baguette at Blue Rose Baguette, South Yarra

What a great random find! I had gone out with Kirsty to see a play called Self on Chapel on Chapel, and afterwards, i felt like a milkshake so we wandered down chapl street and kirsty saw this small place that had milkshakes on the menu. It looked just like a standard fish and chip shop, but i wasnt sure how far we’d have to walk to find another milkshake place, so we decided to give this place a shot! (Plus i like the idea of Blue Roses, so that helped sway things too :D)

I saw they had a milkshake called Blue Ocean, so i went with that! I was just expecting a normal milkshake in a glass with a straw and maybe it was blue coloured. kirsty and i had a good long chat. After a while we thought, hmm these milkshakes are taking a while. And the later, these were brought out:

I was in shock! I was not expecting something so beautiful! Ahhhhh! It made me happy just looking at it! I had fun eating the layer of chocolate and coconut off the side of the glass. So lamington!

And that marshmallow was the biggest and possibly the best marshmallow ive had. I had so much fun eating it. And it was so yum too, not too sweet! And i really appreciate that it was lightly toasted!

And the drink itself was so yum! Noce flavour and not too sweet! I felt really great after id finished that and i think kirsty and i spent the entire time just giggling like kids when were were eating/drinking this!

It was made with love for sure! So after telling the staff how amazing it was, we left.

And that was that!

Only it wasnt!

Cos i decided i wanted to try their food too! I have this theory that a place thats good, does everything good. And so i ordered a crispy pork baguette

And yes! It was good!! Juicy, flavoursome and solid! Id happily come back to this place to eat any time ๐Ÿ™‚

Its at 350 chapel street in south yarra. The staff are really awesome too ๐Ÿ™‚

Im really glad we gave this little fish and chip looking shop a try! What a pleasant surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

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