Pho Dakao Hoang, Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale

My friend Fiona has a favourite Vietnamese reataurant she likes to go to in Springvale. Today, I was going to dinner with some workmates and they asked me where should we go eat in Springvale. I love trying new places and so i took this opportunity to check out Fiona’s fav springvale restaurant! And boy am i glad i did!

When we went inside, it was nice and busy! Not bad for early on a thursday night! Its always a reassuring feeling going into a place that is bustling!

We all ordered dishes to share and we ended up getting rice paper rolls, lemon chicken, fried calamari and sweet and sour chicken.

And i got my beloved 3 colour drink of course! Mmmmmm

The rice paper rolls were good!

I have eaten so much vietnamese food in my life, i feel pretty good judging it haha.. and this spring roll was solid! I dont like places that skimp on things. And this place did not skimp! Just a great rice paper roll! 🙂

Everything was yummy. One real standout for me, was the fried calamari

It was so tender and yummy! I was really impressed!

We finished off with a banana fritter.


Great meal! And really good prices! (I love springvale heheh). And the service was nice too!

One of my fav places to eat vietnamese food in springvale now!

Pho Dakao Hoang is at 17 balmoral avenue in springvale 🙂

Studio Ghibli day at Mister Nice Guy’s Bakehouse, Ascot Vale

This month has been really fun! Various cinemas around melbourne have been doing a Celebrate Ghibli festival and showing lots of animated movies from the awesome Studio Ghibli. And my friend told me this bakery called Mister Nice Guys Bakehouse was doing a day where they would be doing a Studio Ghibli theme! I was seeing Book of Mormon with my friend that afternoon, but i knew i had to try and squeeze a visit in the morning to this bakery!

So on a sunday morning i trekked over to the other side of town by train. It was raining a little and i had to take out my umbrella. That was PERFECT!! Because in my favourite Ghibli cartoon, My Neighbour Totoro, theres a scene where they wait in the rain at a bus stop, and they use umbrellas 😀

So my plan was to rock up, grab a totoro donut, then head back to the city to meet my friend before the musical. Quick right? I was wrong hahah.

This is what i saw when i arrived:

Ahhhhhh! I thought it was only me who would get up early to go for ghibli food hehe! I was wrong and happy i was wrong 🙂 ghibli fanssssss! ❤️Yeah 😀

When i finally got to the front of the line, i started to get so excited looking around at what they’d done for the theme!

Look at that!! Chalk drawing of a dragon and those dust bunny things! I loved it! I mean in my head i was thinking it would just be totoro donuts. But no… they went all out and i love it!

They had ghibli music playing. The staff were so friendly. I was just buzzing with happiness! 🙂

And then i ordered! I decided to get a totoro donut and a totoro milkshake and a donut to take home for my sis. Totoro is my fav so its all about that big cuddly guy! 🙂

Yup i was very happy i came down, it was a fun and delicious food adventure! 🙂 i wish id known about thei Game of Thrones themed day a few weeks ago! I think they called it ‘Game of Scones’! Hhaha!! 😀

Mister Nice Guys Bakehouse is at 151 union rd in ascot vale. A short pleasant walk from ascot vale train station 🙂

Maccaroni Osteria Italiana, (in Clifton Hill, with great vegan options!)

My friend Jacqui found out i love lasagna (because of Garfield haha!) and so she told me about one of her favourite places to get italian food, Maccaroni Osteria Italiana in Clifton Hill. I decided to go on an adventure to Clifton Hill and check it out!

It was pleasant night! (First night of Spring this year!).

When i finally found the restaurant, (which was conveniently quite close to Clifton Hill station) i stepped inside and immediately felt a warm, cosy vibe. The place looks nice!

I sat down and the lovely waittress handed me a menu, and i took some time reading it, although i had already made up my mind what i was going to order hehehe (lasagna! :D).

So i ordered a lasagna and a coke! I just love coke with my pasta for some odd reason!

While i was waiting, i saw this on the table:

I looked like croutons or something to me, and i assumed thats what it was! But i wasnt 100% sure.. it possibly could have been some crazy potpourri or something haha! But i was hungry so i just picked one up and bit into it!

Yum!! It was edible hahaah! Phew 🙂 and delicious too. I ate all of them before my food came, i couldnt really stop haha.

And then my lasagna came out:

Looks good right? 🙂

Add some cheese…

And then dig in! 🙂

It was so flavoursome, yes!! Great tomato taste. And it was just the perfect amount of slight firmness/chewiness for me! I had a good time eating that 🙂 so much so i wven forgot to drink much of my coke during the meal hehe.

Then for dessert, i ordered an almond tart with custard and apple:

Also delicious! And flavours!

I love places that obviously put a lot of thought and care into their food, and this place obviously does!

I definitely recommend checking this place out if you feel like italian. Especially if you need a place with delicious vegan options! 🙂

Maccaroni Osteria Italiana is at 201 Queens parade Clifton Hill.


I came back here again with Jacqui, Ted and Mo and it was so good once again! I ordered the gnocchi and it was so great. So soft mmmmmmmm

Love it! Yummmmmmm