Sweet Evelyn, charming cafe in Brunswick

I went on a big donut adventure day with Tilly, and one of my fav places that we visited was this one, Sweet Evelyn in Brunswick.
Its on a quiet street in brunswick and its such a charming place.

Mmmmm…. looks good right? Since we were on a donut adventure, i just ordered a cinnamon donut, a salted caramel donut hole, and a mocha!

And we chose to sit outside and they have heaters and provide little blankets. I love the little touches! 🙂
And look..

Good stuff! I love a place that does nice coffee art too!
It was yummy, and the staff were so friendly. Oh and we found out that Sweet Evelyn is named after Evelyn, the owners daughter! I really love that 🙂
I really liked this place. I think its one of my favourite places now. Id love to come back here for brunch in the future 🙂

Sweet Evelyn is at 128 Union St, Brunswick

Queen of Spades, in Fitzroy (it has a writers room upstairs during daytime! :D)

I was going to check out the gertrude st lights festival and took a wrong turn and went down smith st. and as i was walking, this place really caught my eye! Im glad i went to check it out. Sometimes its good to get lost 😀

I ordered a mocha

And a chicken parma

They really hit the spot!

The staff were so friendly, and gave me this 3D labyrinth ball game to pass the time while i waited!

After the delicious meal that hit the spot for me, i went upstairs, because id read on zomato that there was a writers room up there! The friendly waiter explained to me that during the day, the upstairs part was a writers room! People could come in and write! I love that idea! I want to come back here one day and write, so i can be like my hero JK Rowling who loves writing in cafes heheeh

Well the room exceeded my expectations! It was so cosy and charming!

Look at it!

Did i ever mention how much i love typewriters? 🙂

What a beauty 🙂

And more neat details!

Yup! Such a cosy room to write! Im actually writing this blog post in the writing room now 😀

Oh and theres more! They have a selection of board games here (like Codenames, etc) and if you pay $5 per person, you can stay as long as you like! I think it would be fun to come here and eat and play… a nice night for sure i reckon! 🙂

And Queen of Spades is open till late, handy right? 

Its at 189 Smith St, fitzroy.

(Sydney Edition!) Rose shaped Gelato at I-Creamy in Sydney!

I love icecream!! Especially in cones! It makes me so happy haha! But today, i realised when the icecream is shaped by the person at the counter into a cool and beautiful shape, i like it even more! ‘Next Level’ as they say hahah!!

So when i was chooseing which flavour, i was thinking, what colours do i want!! The blue bubblegum flavour really stood out to me. And i said to the girl at the counter, “ill have the red on the inside and this blue one the outside.” Then something clicked in my head. I had a chance to have an elusive Blue Rose!!! And one made out of gelato!!!! The best type of blue rose hahah! And i quickly said to her “no ill have the blue on the inside, and the red on the outside!!”

And then she made it. It looked so cool and she scooped and the rose came to life! Really beautiful! I appreciate the art of making it!!

And then i got it!!!

Look at that guys!!! Its beautiful!! And its delicious!! And at a reasonable price!! I love it!! 🙂

And then we all posed for pictures with our icecreams. And just like good coffee art or a beautiful cake, sometimes it feels almost too beautiful to eat!! I did pause a bit.

But not for too long hahahah! It was delicious!!!!

And the cool thing is, it didnt melt very fast, so i was able to admire it for a while! 🙂

I 100% agree with that sign on the wall! EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR GELATO! 😀 i agreeeeee! 🙂

I-Creamy is inside the shopping area at 537 George St, Sydney CBD. I hope they open a store in melbourne so i can go get it sometimes 🙂

(Sydney!) WellCo Cafe, Leichhardt, Sydney

My friend Nadia told me about their favourite cafe in Sydney, so when i came to Sydney for the Final Fantasy concert, i really wanted to check it out. I’m so glad i did, its such a nice place 🙂

It hs a really warm, friendly vibe! The staff were super  friendly. And the foooooood! Was delicious.

Check out this mocha i got:

I love coffee art, this was so nice 🙂

For food i decided to order the Wellco Benedict!


My sister ordered the corn fritters. She said they were like her dream fritters, the best she’s had. Nice and crunchy.

Im really glad i came to check out Nadia’s Sydney recommendation! 🙂

Wellco Cafe is at 9/39-45 Norton Road, Leichhardt in Sydney.

(Sydney Edition!) Matcha Cheesetarts at Uncle Tetsu’s, Sydney CBD

Our friend Natalie who lives in sydney told us about this place called Uncle Tetsu that makes yummy cheesetarts and cheese cakes. She told us they had a new matcha (green tea) flavour, so i wanted to try!

Its pretty right? 🙂

And it tastes good too! 🙂 i like eating it while its still warm! 🙂

They had japanese music playing and the waitresses were dressed in maid outfits. I havent been to japan yet, but i felt like i was in japan for a little bit 🙂

The original Uncle Tetsu’s shop is at 501 george st, sydney CBD, and to get the matcha flavour, you go downstairs to the Angel Cafe 🙂