Got to meet Reynold, at Koi Dessert Bar in Sydney!

At my house, we often like to put on masterchef at dinnertime. Its always fun for us to watch and one past contestant that i always am excited to see is Reynold Poer! When he was on the show, they gave him the nickname ‘The Dessert King”, because he was so creative and did amazing desserts. Since finishing the show, he started up his own dessert store and works together with his brothers! Ever since i heard that, i always wanted to go, but its in Sydney and I live in Melbourne, so i didnt really get a chance to. But this weekend, i came up to Sydney because there was a Final Fantasy concert this weekend and i LOVE the music from Final Fantasy! And the japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu, who composed many of the songs i love would be in attendance (so i HAD to go!! :D). And since i was up here… i was thinking what else did i really want to do in Sydney? And the ONLY other thing that I really wanted to do was ‘go to Koi!’.

I was so excited! So i arrived in sydney this afternoon and after dinner, our Sydney friends took us to Koi! 🙂 as soon as we saw the restaurant, i got super excited 🙂

And really, all i wanted to do here was try one of his desserts and eat here! But then my sister was like, omg Reynolds is here!!

Then i got even more excited haha! After that, i was buzzing and not really thinking clearly lol! Its a very exciting feeling seeing someone you like from tv in person! Its a bit surreal!

I took some photos of the cakes!

They looked amazing! I picked out three that i could share with Lisa and Jeff and then when i got to the counter, i asked the lovely girl if i could get a quick photo with Reynold! She asked him and he said yes! It was so nice of him to do that, because i could tell he was busy making lots of desserts! But i knew i had to ask at least. And thn one of the staff took the photo for me.

Day made 😀

Oh yeah, i also blurted out ‘i love watching you on the show!’. 

And then i took the cakes and we went and ate them! To be honest i was just so happy to briefly meet Reynolds and get a photo with him, the rest was a bit of a blur. I do remember the desserts we delicious, interesting and just beautiful to look at! Totally worth the trip!

That white one in particular, its like a work of art! 🙂 inside it, its yellow! Like a poached egg. Such a nice surprise when you cut into it 🙂 as they would say on masterchef, its the drama!

I had the best time coming to Koi! I cant wait to go again and try different things! 🙂

And thanks to Reynold for taking the time to stop and take a photo with a crazy fan 🙂

Koi Dessert Bar is at 46 Kensington Street, Chippendale, Sydney!

The Last Piece, cafe in mulgrave

My friend sheryl took me to this place. I really like it!

Its cafe in mulgrave, and the back part overlooks the football oval that hawthorn football club train at on fridays. Pretty cool!

The cafe is really nice. My friend said all the food here is nice! I chose to have the chicken burger, and sweet potato fries!

And that red drink was called ‘Beets by Dre’ hahah! I ordered it just cos of the name 😀

It was all delicious!!  I really liked this place! And the staff were really nice!

Oh and they are very much into hawthorn and the football here! 🙂

Sheryl told me the letters from the seats in the football stadium, theyve embedded them into the tables! 🙂

And look at that hawthorn support 🙂 i go for Richmond, so i cant get too excited heheh.

But i did buy a hawthorn gingerbread man 😀

How could i not?? Theyre so cute hahah

The Last Piece is at 7/2 Stadium Circuit, Mulgrave

8-Bit Burgers

I love 8-Bit games and grew up playing commodore 64 and in the era of nes, snes and sega, arcade machines etc! So the theme of this place really appeals to me. I got a kick out of the names of the burgers etc, like Zelda, Golden Axe etc!

Oh and they have an arcade game machine in here!

But lets get to the food!

Oh wait, as soon as i sat down at the bench, i was happy cos i saw this:

Gauntlet was a game i really loved as a kid! So just seeing the picture and the name of the game made me happy!

It was near dinner time and so it was super busy. But eventually my food came and….

It was worth the wait! I got the 8-Bit with cheese and a side of chips.  The burger was yum and really hit the spot! And the chips were great too! And all at a reasonable a pretty reasonble price! I understand now why this place is so super busy and popular!

The 8-Bit i went to was at 231 swanston st in the city. But there is another one in Footscray too! (8 Droops st, footscray).

Smith and Deli, vegan place in Fitzroy. One of my FAV places to get food! Amazing

Ok, i already did a post about Smith and Deli, but i really do need to make another one. It is definitely one of my favourite places to eat in Melbourne now, and i am not even a vegan! The food is so delicious. Its obviously made by people who care about quality and taste (and animals!). Every thing ive bought from here has been exceptionally good! Ive had rolls, donuts, sandwiches, coffee!

I came today specifically because Jacqui told me the pastry wizards here were making little cherry pies this week! And since i am in Twin Peaks mode, i just had to come try one.

And Jacqui decorated my bag!! Ahhhh… i love ittttt 😀

And John, one of my vegan friends told me he always gets a pie here, so i had to try one. And wow

It was chicken and something else (i wasnt paying 100% to what the pie ingredients were when i was told, because my brain was mostly focussed on the cherry pie and chatting to Jacqui about Twin Peaks! :)). But wow! It was one of the best pies ive had! Such flavour! 🙂

So everything i try here is so good! Ive been messaging all my vegan and vegetarian friends to tell them about this place, but it seems they already know of it, and say its like their favourite place haha!

So if u are a vegan or vegetarian who doesnt know about this place, or if u are just a person who loves yummy food… come check out this place! Its at 111 Moor st Fitzroy. Its not a sit down and eat place, its very much like a deli, where you buy your stuff and go eat somewhere else. Luckily there is a lovely little park very close by 🙂