Murrays, milk bar themed place in Prahran!

Ok that was great! My friend Kodi recommended i try this place called Murrays in prahran. I almost never go to prahran but i came here to check out the twin peaks art exhibition at Artboy gallery, and decided since i was here i should check out this recommendation. And im so glad i did! 

Firstly, it looks so cool! So old school milk bar! 😀

I instantly loved the theme 😀

Then i had a mocha

Mmmmmm! Good stuff! And u know i love places that have unique/nice spoons! 🙂

And then i ordered some food! I did feel like one of their amazing looking pies, but i wanted to try something more different, so i went with one of their amazing sounding bagels. On the waitresses recommendation, i went with the Murray! I always love ordering the item that shares the same name as the place!

And i was not disappointed! It was scrumdiddily-umptious! 😀 and then i had to ask! Was i able to order some mixed lollies that were on display on the shelf or were they there just for decoration?

The lovely waittress said yes u can order them!! Wahoo! I ordered some mixed lollies and was transported back to childhood, when i used to order 20 cents mixed lollies and be given a bag of amazing 😀

They were delicious!! I really enjoyed eating them.

Then i ordered a smarties milkshake!

A joy to look at, and a joy to drink!! 🙂

Ahhhh… i love this place 🙂 if u ever are near prahran and feel like being transported to an awesome milk bar or canteen of your youth, this is worth a stop ;D

Its at 3B Murray St Prahran

The Dispensary, cafe in st kilda

Ok that was awesome! Emily told me she has some friends who rave about this place so today we went here before seeing Les Mis at the national theatre by the CLOC musical company (amazing by the way!).

When we first arrived, after a few minutes, i was staring at this:

And then it dawned on me. It was pharmacy themed! The whole place was themed like an old fashioned pharmacy! 😀 everywhere i looked there were things like crutches, signs, all sorts of things!!

It was so cool 🙂

And then we ordered!!

My mocha looked amazing, and as u know i love interesting/unique spoons, and this came with one. Its the nice little touches 🙂

I ordered the New Yorker, and it was amazing! One bite and i knew i loved this place 😀

It wasnt hard to see why Emily’s friends had raved about this place! Its one of my fav places now too!

And check out these chocolate bars!! Hahah!!

Its at 13 brighton rd in st kilda 🙂

Smith and Deli, vegan heaven :D

I came here with Emily because one of their staff, the lovely Jacqueline, is a mad Twin Peaks fan and they were doing Twin Peaks themed drinks and had cherry pie!

Once i was here, i just had to try their food as well! Jacqueline recommended the faux cheese and pesto sandwich, so i got that!

And because i was in a Twin Peaks mood, of course i have to get a donut!

It was cinnamon and it was damn fine!! 🙂

Im learning that vegan food can be so delicious!

They also sell a big variety of vegan products, like chocolate and icecream and other delicious stuff!

Its not a place where you sit and eat, but you buy your delicious goods and then eat somewhere else! Its got such a nice welcoming vibe! I really love this place 🙂

Its at 111 Moor St in Fitzroy

Me with Jacqueline, holding a few of the bottles of Twin Peaks themed ice tea (The Laura Palmer!) that she and her friend spent all night making! Each bottle has 10 twin peaks references for us to discover. And of course it has to be wrapped in plastic 😀

Met Morgan from Bistro Morgan (donuts!!❤️) at Day of the Donut event

I was in the state library doing some drawing and listening to some funky tunes on my phone. I had heard there was a Day of the Donut event in melbourne central today, starting at 5pm till 7pm or until the donuts run out. My plan was finish drawing around 4:45pm. Roll up to melbourne central, browse a few of these donut stalls and maybe buy one (or two). Oh and message Levina to say lets go get donuts 😀

As i was walking to the area where it was, suddenly, very far from where the donuts were, i was stopped by this scene.

Wowsers! Thats a long line! I knew this already, but this just reaffirmed it for me. Melbourne loves donuts! 😀 heeh and i love how much melbourne loves donuts and food 🙂

Levina and her friend Sally came and I had a really great time chatting and getting excited about what we would see when we got to the front!

And i wasnt disappointed!

Look what we saw at the start!!

That is one massive donut!! Worthy of Homer! 😀

U can buy one too heheeh….. i immediately thought of my friend Tilly who loves donuts and thought it would be a funny birthday present 😀

Ok lets just say the donuts we saw and ate were delicious! But one highlight i want to focus on…

We were at this stall with some creative and yum looking donuts.

And then i saw this young guy standing there serving them. And i was like…… no waaayy…. could it be??

I looked at the boxes and they said Bistro Morgan! It couldnt be? Could it? I got really excited! I asked him, “Are you Morgan?”

And he said yes!


I was over the moon and i said i need go get a photo with you!! Levina took the picture for me!

I was so happy! Ive loved his story ever since i heard about it. He taught himself to cook at age 7. (When he saw people on masterchef cooking, he said “if they can do it, i can do it”). He started making dinner for his family every night. And then making donuts in his kitchen at home. Soon they became more and more popular and before long he was supplying cafes and bakeries around melbourne! At age 14 he was baking for 40 hours a week, and up to 3am each night making 300+ donuts. On top of doing school and athletics!

And his donuts are so fun, creative and delicious, a joy to eat! You can get them at some nice bakeries and cafes around town and also at places like the burger chain Royal Stacks. I had a great day today cos i got to tell him how much of a fan i was of him and his donuts! 🙂 hes really nice! 🙂

Millstone, cafe in Malvern

I was catching up with my friend Ashleigh and our plan was to go to a cute cafe, and the first one that came to my mind was Millstone in Malvern! Id been there a while ago with my friends and it had been delicious and i remembered it was just a really charming place. And my memory served correctly, because it certainly was!

Its nice when u go to brunch and the place just gives you a nice vibe.

The staff were all so attentive and lovely!

We got a nice seat by the window, and with the sun shining through the window, it really warmed us up! I could easily imagine i had just stepped into a cafe in Paris, rather than being in Melbourne close to winter! 🙂

Ashleigh even noticed they had a neat rack of blankets, which we assumed were for people sitting on the tables outside who needed them!  I love it 🙂 its the place that thinks even of the little things 👌

Firstly, i started off with a black sesame latte, because id never tried one!

I love black sesame flavour in general and enjoyed this unique latte!

Then came to ordering. I went with the simply named Breakfast Roll

Although it was simple only in name. The taste was exquisite! Yum yum 😀

Our meals were delicious. And then we went to eye the cakes!  It was so hard to choose! Everything looked so good

In the end, we chose the Mille Fueille! And some honeycomb, cos id never had it like that before!

The mille fueille was so nice! Crispy pasty, perfection! And the stuff in the middle was perfect!! Just the right amount of subtle sweetness! Delicious!!

It was a really great place to eat and the food hit the brunch spot perfectly 🙂 highly recommended if youre looking for a nice cafe to go to!

Its at 10a claremont ave malvern, a hop skip and a jump away from malvern train station 🙂
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